In May 2018, New Jersey became the 10th state to offer state financial aid to Dreamers and undocumented students. This site will help you–and your high school counselor, and community organizations with which you're involved–navigate the process of applying for state aid so that you get the financial resources and support you need to continue your education.

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"Four years ago, I began high school knowing I would go to college, but unsure of how I could afford it. For my classmates, college was almost a guarantee, while Dreamers like myself struggled to pay in-state tuition out of pocket while supporting their families. I met with legislators, hit the streets with NJ Dreamers, and spoke at press conferences about how unrealistic it was for my single mother to pay tuition without state financial aid. On May 9th of 2018, I stood beside Governor Phil Murphy with tears in my eyes as he signed the financial aid bill that gave thousands of Dreamers access to higher education. Sí se pudo."

- Erika Martínez, 18, first year student at St. Peter's University