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In May 2018,  New Jersey passed a law allowing DACA recipients and undocumented students to apply for state financial aid. As a community organization, you can help students learn about the opportunities available to them and apply for aid to continue their educations.

Host a financial aid application workshop at your organization

Financial Aid Application Workshops

Make the Road NJ runs community financial aid workshops to help families prepare materials for financial aid applications. The workshops are flexible and can fit your organization's schedule and needs. We will help parents gather necessary documents, assist students in filling out their applications, and train your staff. Click on the image or contact us (; 908-967-3478) to schedule a workshop at your organization.

Learn about the application process & nominate eligible students for state scholarships

Inform students of opportunities available to them

DACA and undocumented students, and their families, might not know what programs and scholarships they're eligible for. You can let them know that they're eligible for state aid, as well as many national merit-based scholarships.

Stay informed & up-to-date about this issue

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