What is it?

This scholarship offers up to $1250 per semester to NJ STARS students transferring from their home county colleges to participating 4-year NJ institutions.


Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must be able to fill out the NJ Alternative Application. See the requirements for that here. You must then meet these additional requirements:

  • Graduate from an NJ county college with your 2-year degree and a minimum 3.25 GPA.
  • Be accepted and enroll in a 4-year institution that participates in the NJ TAG program.
  • Complete the NJ Alternative Application.
  • Have a family income no greater than $250,000.
  • Be an NJ STARS student.

If you satisfy these requirements, you're eligible for the scholarship, regardless of your immigration status.

What institutions are eligible?

See this list for institutions where enrolled students may qualify for NJ state grant programs.

Am I eligible if i'm not an NJ STARS Student?

No, unfortunately, you are not. You must have been an NJ STARS student in order to apply for NJ STARS II, even if you went to an NJ county college and are transferring to a NJ 4-year institution.


How do I apply?

  1. Apply to and enroll in a 4-year institution that participates in the NJ TAG program.
  2. Notify the admissions office that you are a STARS scholar.
  3. Provide an official transcript from your county college indicating at least a 3.25 GPA.
  4. File the NJ Alternative Application.

More questions?

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