NJ4Dreamers Fellows



What is it?

NJ4Dreamers Fellows are young people who have been trained to help NJ Dreamers and undocumented students file the NJ Alternative Application and navigate the state financial aid process. They participate in financial aid application clinics and help spread the word about state aid to their schools and communities.


Am I eligible to be aN NJ4Dreamers Ambassador?

If you're a high school or college student in New Jersey who wants to help increase access to state aid and support other students in the application process, you can be an NJ4Dreamers Fellow.


    How can I apply?

    Here's what you'll have to do:

    1. Email your name, school, grade level/year, and 3 sentences about why you want to be an NJ4Dreamers Fellow to NJ4Dreamers@maketheroadnj.org.
    2. Attend a training to learn how to help students fill out the NJ Alternative Application. Once you email us, we will let you know about when and where these will occur, and how to RSVP.
    3. Start helping out at financial aid clinics and other trainings as you become more comfortable with the process of applying for financial aid.
    4. Join our mailing list and check this site to stay up to date about news, events, and actions happening around NJ!

    More questions?

    Contact us!

    If you'd like to apply for the NJ4Dreamers Fellows program, or you have further questions, please email or call us (NJ4Dreamers@maketheroadnj.org; 908-967-3478).